I can't wait for my lifetime with you.

You may not know this, but I have a deep and somewhat hidden love of video. Shocking I know. My first love will always be photography and making pictures, but more and more I'm finding really interesting and exciting opportunities popping up in the form of video work. I've been commissioned by a studio to shoot video and some stills work for the last few years and it's a pretty sweet deal since I get paired up with folks like Alexa and Jake.

Have you ever wanted to do something so bad it just couldn't wait. You literally couldn't hold off any longer you were THAT excited? I got this feeling from Alexa and Jake when we connected to plan for their Trius Winery wedding video coverage. They were amazing...the conversation pretty much went 'we trust you, do your thing'. And with that, this is what we got. I love the simplicity of the video, the focus on the vows, I triple love the music and how it flows with their commitment to each other. I love the appearance of the yellow umbrella and how awesome it was to work with Sandra Monaco Photography to make visual awesomeness for these two. Aside from the fact that I lost 12lbs of water weight and had to cool my cameras off with the AC in the car on the way home, this was a pretty perfect summer wedding. I can't wait for their big celebration at Cambridge Mill this summer!

For those who care about gear this film was shot on: Fujifilm XT3, 50-150mm 2.8, 56mm 1.2, Fujifilm X100V

Shot and edited on commission by me for Anne Edgar Photo & Films