Outstanding in their field.

Through the last eight years, I've had the privilege of attending/working weddings well over triple digits, and there's often the question of 'doesn't it get boring shooting the same thing all the time?'. Easy answer, no, because the structure is the same, but everything else is always different. Kacie & Sol had plans for a big wedding in Belwood, Ontario, at their family hobby farm with their extended friends and family group. Instead, they opted to change their tack to an intimate, beautifully done family-focused celebration. 

I think the thing that makes these kinds of small weddings so remarkable is that they're so profoundly personal. In this case, the decor, ceremony and details sprinkled in little bits of Kacie and Sol's personalities throughout the day. These little personal touches make everyone in attendance feel that much more connected!

For those who care about gear, this was shot: Fujifilm XT3, 23mm 1.4, 35mm 1.4, 56mm 1.2, 90mm 2