Michelle & Darryl's Bissell Park Sunset Engagement Session - Elora, Ontario

Elora, Ontario is a little spot tucked outside of KW that's been steadily growing in popularity in the last few years. Elora has a lovely downtown, beautiful scenery, great restaurants and some beautiful parks. It's also home to the Elora Mill, which has quickly become an A-list wedding venue since it opened its doors a few years ago. But just outside of the main drag and on the other side of town from the famous gorge, you'll find Bissell Park. Often passed over in favour of Victoria Park, which has access to the Elora Gorge. But Bissell Park is a cool spot in its own right, thanks to Riverfest. It is a normal-looking park from the road, but once you park and start to explore, there are some great little secrets tucked behind the trees. The park has a boardwalk, access to the river, a wood and steel footbridge and some old stone ruins just off the main walking path. Michelle, Darryl and I met for their engagement session and had fun walking around the grounds finding intimate nooks and crannies that were a perfect backdrop for these two. Much like many folks this year, their wedding plans needed to look slightly different because of the change in life due to covid and the restrictions that followed. Their new arrangements came together quickly, and they managed to squeak in both an engagement session and wedding photo coverage in 6 weeks. Keep an eye out for their backyard maker inspired wedding!