Headshot and Portrait Gallery

Photos that tell a story.

I have been providing headshots that help individuals and brands grow for 8 years. Online marketing, staff directories, LinkedIn and social media has made it impossible to be online without a headshot.

Clients range from professors and students to small business owners and tech CEOs, but in every sitting, my goal is to give you something better than a just profile photo. I want to understand the “why” of your brand and help you target your ideal client with images that communicate who you are and what you are about.

Man standing by window smiling at camera
Student headshot
Woman with glasses in black blazer headshot
Man in black shirt leaning against office chair in front of a call centre
Woman with arms crossed leaning against a brick wall smiling at the camera
Man with blue shirt and black vest with arms cross standing in front of a dark arcade with illuminated sign in backgroun
man in blue suit smiling at camera
Woman with blonde hair and glasses headshot
Young female professional headshot
Young man professional headshot
Financial Advisor Looking at camera headshot
Business Student Headshots
Female Engineer with black sweater and glasses standing beside a window smiling at the camera
Female Financial Advisor with blonde hair smiling at camera
Professor leaning against whiteboard headshot